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USTM Interview with MaRLo

USTM Interview with MaRLo

Dutch born DJ and producer MaRLo who now calls Australia home, is an exciting and creative Producer/DJ.
The MaRLo sound is a signature blend of hands in the air moments with tech infused beats, encompassing influences of Trance, Techno, Tech-House and a mish mash of various other chunky sounds. MaRLo is not one to be pigeon holed, and his DJ sets can only be described as the “MaRLo sound”.

USTM: Hello Marlo Thank you for doing this Interview with the United States Trance Movement.  Reading your biography, it says you are Dutch Born, who now calls Australia home.  Why Australia?

MaRLo: Hey Douglas, Paulette and all the USA Trance Movement readers!  🙂

I love Australia, the weather, the food, the people.  I have moved between Amsterdam and Sydney many times but now I have been living in Melbourne for 2 years. I LOVE IT! 🙂

USTM: Your remix of Ferry Corsten’s Brainbox is a dance floor killer; we recently heard it live by Ferry Corsten, on his Once upon a Night Vol 2 Tour in NYC this past month. How does it feel when you see one of your productions being played and called “A Dance Floor Killer “.

MaRLo: Thanks!  I’m very happy with all the success it’s had, and to remix Ferry Corsten was a great honor. Ferry was one of the people that got me into trance in the first place. The first time I heard “System F – Out of the blue” and “System F – Exhale” I nearly lost my mind ha-ha.

USTM: At what age did you start DJing/Producing? How did you start out?

MaRLo: I was 19 when I first started playing around with music production. I actually started out doing 3D computer animation, and when it came time to make sound effects and backing tracks for my short animations I was doing audio production, I started to get really passionate about making my own music.

I started out as a LIVE act (keyboards, drum machine, sampler, vocalist etc.) called “Liquid M”.  After  a lot of long hours (a whole year!) in the studio and trying to send demo’s to all the clubs and promoters… we found that no-one wanted to book us or give us a shot. Totally fed up with our situation, we started our own event called “Altitude” in 2003 which was a huge success and after some time we were able to host internationals such as Armin Van Buuren, Matt Darey and the Thrillseekers. It also gave our live act “Liquid M” a good platform to launch off and we started getting a lot of bookings and main stage shows, as well as some successful vinyl releases.

Around 2007, I decided to go solo as “MaRLo” and really refined my own sound.

USTM: In 2010, you were voted Australia’s #2 Trance DJ, and also asked to mix the Ministry of Sound Trance Nation Vol. 2 Cd. Congratulations, What was running through your mind when you heard this information?

MaRLo: Yeah thanks, I had to pinch myself when Ministry Of Sound asked me to mix that CD for them ha-ha, the CD along with the 14 date tour that came with it was so much fun and a really great experience for me.

It’s so nice when all your years of passion, hard work and dedication is finally being recognised by some of the “big guns” of the dance music industry, and of course most importantly the crowd/people that support the music, and vote.

USTM: What are you top 5 favorite tracks at the moment?

MaRLo: Well… In my DJ sets I play a LOT of my own stuff, and also really try to mix up the styles, so I don’t necessarily play a 100% pure “trance” set.. I guess it’s more of a tech fused mish mash of chunky, energetic sounds that put you in a “trance”. I try to create DJ sets that create a trancey state of mind and vibe, but I don’t really look for tracks necessarily that are pigeonholed under the “trance” genre.

1.- Sied Van Riel – MME (MaRLo remix) [To be released SOON ;)- You guys are the first to hear about this!]

2- MaRLo – Not alone

3- Markus Schulz ft Jennifer Rene – Not the same

4- Daniel Portman – Germs

5- Hugo, Marshall – Mortal Coil (Manuel De La Mare remix)

USTM: How do you feel about the recent name change from Trance Energy, to “Energy” Do you feel it was a low blow to Trance Fans across the world?

MaRLo: Hmmm it’s a tricky one.. Trance Energy has been very close to my heart since 2001 as it was one of the main reasons I started making Trance music! It was always a huge goal and dream for me to play there, and in 2008 that dream came true. In 2008 (Utrecht, Holland), I played on the future stage at 12:00-1:30 (peak time) alongside John O’Callaghan, Sean Tyas and airbase. Main stage had Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn  and Marco V. Then in 2009, I played at the Australian Trance Energy as well.

So although I love the Trance Energy name and everything it stands for and means to me,  I do think that the word “Energy” opens up the music style a little bit to incorporate other “energetic” styles of artists and DJ’s that don’t necessarily fit into the “trance” pigeon hole but still make kick-ass music.

I kinda see music styles as opinions, and in my mind every opinion has its place and deserves to be heard with an open mind. So in that respect I like the idea of having various different styles on the one night, I think it could be a very exciting concept! 🙂

USTM: What do you do to relax, have fun?

MaRLo: I love my saltwater aquarium and corals, playing with my cat,  I also love going out for dinner with friends and I quite like playing some  video games… besides  from that I LOVE producing music and DJ’ing, which is my work but is also a lot of fun.

USTM: Do you know how to do the Melbourne Shuffle? heheh 🙂

MaRLo: I DO! after some practice with YouTube videos when no-one is looking shhhh.. don’t tell anyone.

I have also learnt to do the moonwalk with the help of YouTube lol

USTM: One of our goals is to promote and spread the love of Trance Music, and support our local DJ’s.   What advice can you give for upcoming DJ’s/Producers here in the states? And what advice can you give for us if any.

MaRLo: And what a great goal that is! You have my full support 🙂

In my experience, when your first starting out it’s VERY VERY hard to be given a chance. So I started my own night, and booked myself at the start… until I started getting a solid following and was getting bookings. Another thing I see that works for a lot of “up n comers” is if they have something to offer e.g. help with ticket sales to their friends,  help setting up, help by lending them a laser or lights or smoke machine, offer to do the graphic design work etc.

The key is to become “known” and stuck in people’s heads. As a friend of mine always says “get involved”.

USTM: Have you ever thought of doing a gig over here in the United States? we would love to have you, especially New York 🙂

MaRLo: I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!! I have never been to America.

USTM: Any comments you have for your fans and the readers of the United States Trance Movement?

MaRLo: It’s really great to get behind some passion filled people like the United States Trance Movement, keep it up.

I also want to thank you all so much for your support, it really does mean a lot to me. All your messages on my www.youtube.com/marlotv channel as well as my facebook really motivate me. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

By the way, I’ll be launching a new radio show soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

Take care, and hopefully see/meet you all soon. -MaRLo

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  1. amanda /

    amazing! MaRLo is a fantastic DJ, I have been trying to spread the word to everyone as well 🙂 I hope he will come and play in LA soon
    Thank you for doing the interview.
    Oh and I cant wait for his remix of MME!

  2. Janette /

    Great interview 🙂

  3. Amazing Interview! Some a wicked producer who’s taken the world by storm..


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