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Interview with Lisa Lashes

Interview with Lisa Lashes

From tearing up dance floors under the Mediterranean sun of the White Isle, to filling out stadiums in South Africa, partying it up in the Nordic seas on a huge ocean liner, to nostalgic nights at some of the UK’s most prestigious clubs; Miss Lashes has seen more of the party than most!

USTM:  Hello Lisa, 1st I would like to say the trance genre and #trancefamily welcomes you! What made you decide to switch over from your hard house roots?

Lisa Lashes: Ive been slowly moving away from the Hard Dance music over the last 3 years, making tunes that have been released on High Contrast, Musical madness, Discover and Reset label. I’ve always been very versatile with my music as I’m used to playing main room sets, then sneaking into the backroom to play a Breaks/Electro house set, as I love all styles of music.

USTM:  When did your music career all start for you?

Lisa Lashes: I started going out with my friends clubbing in Birmingham where a lot of the clubs were after hour’s clubs which would play the harder sounds of music. I would stand and watch the DJ that was performing for hours and thinking I would love to be able to be a DJ and control the dancefloor like the djs would so easily do.

I first started learning how to DJ many years ago when my friend bought a pair of Technics to my house. He wasn’t allowed to play them at his house as his mum said he was too noisy! I found it pretty easy and learnt quite quickly but I’ve always loved music so I must have had the rhythm in me plus a little help from my friend. Production came later as it seemed to me to be the next step which at the time wasn’t as crucial as it is for dj’s today..

USTM: It seems many Electronic Dance Music Artists make changes to their style through-out their music career. These past 2 years many of the top dj’s are starting to fuse together many different genre’s into their sets, and albums and people blame the labels for that? What is your take on this?

Lisa Lashes: I think with the digital generation that came in a few years ago, its been so much more accessible to get new tunes plus with the cross pollination of musical genres these days, Im loving playing tunes that are not specific to a style of music as if it’s a great tune, I want to play it out. It’s a good thing in my opinion as it gives DJ’s more scope to push the boundaries when doing there DJ sets and keeps the DJ fresh and excited about DJ’ing out most weekends.

USTM: Do you have plans to play more in the United States? And when can we expect to see you?

Lisa Lashes: I’ll be heading out to Denver at the end of October for ‘Hallowfreaknween’ alongside Cosmic Gate, Showtek, Dj Irine and more and my management are working on many more trips across in 2012 as well! You will be seeing a lot more of me stateside for sure!

USTM: Your first trance release is none other than Marcel Woods “Musical Madness” Label. How was it working with Marcel?

Lisa Lashes: I’ve worked with Marcel a few times on the DJ circuit and he’s graced the decks for my Lashed in Holland party so it’s always great to work with someone you already know. He’s not as scary as he looks on his profile pics..

USTM: What trance producers are you looking forward to working with?

Lisa Lashes: Ive been in the studio with a great producer in Holland, Artento Divini and we have lots of new releases in the pipeline for 2011 and 2012. I’m currently working on a remix for Sean Tyas and Ive also worked with Sied Van Riel and looking forward to working with him on a full on collaboration at somepoint as well as with Tigran Oganezov, Ummet Ozcan, Marc Simz.

USTM: What are your top 5 favorite tracks?

Lisa Lashes:

  1. Adiva Oxygen Armada
  2. Talla 2XLC Extravaganza Perfecto
  3. Matias faith Casino Fire Soundpiercing
  4. Sector V Andromeda Night Vision (Spinnin)
  5. Indecent Noise Surge Discover Dark

USTM: Can you tell us something exclusive that USTM is the first to know?

Lisa Lashes: As I do this interview, the remix parts for my latest unreleased track called “The Bends” is making its way to the studio for the fantastic Heatbeat guys from Argentina to do a remix of. Very excited about this collaboration.

Lisa Lashes – Lashes Podcast



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  1. Lisa Lashes is a good Dj producer. The vedio is so interesting and joyful. All the answers are very interesting of the Lisa. She gives the answers of all the questions very kindly.

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