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Event Review| Markus Schulz @ Glow, Washington DC

Event Review| Markus Schulz @ Glow, Washington DC

Well, another Schulz show has come and gone, and once again my fellow Schulz Army Cadets are left in post-Markus depression! When we first heard Markus would be in DC on October 15th, a 6-hour trip seemed like NOTHING for Schulz! Road trip from NYC was definitely in store!

I’ll start by saying, if you haven’t been to Fur Nightclub in DC, here’s the scoop. While definitely not as seedy and dark as your normal NYC nightclub…it definitely has its quirky yet unique characteristics. The club contains a layout with 4 areas to dance. Outside patio, salsa room (which I have yet to see), hip hop/pop area and of course the only room that makes this club…the main dance area on the lower level.  If you’ve read any of my past reviews, you know I can’t resist to comment on the horrid cheesy pop/mainstream crap they play on the main level.  It’s just poor planning to hear this garbage while there are epic trance events in the lower room. If you have the urge to escape for some fresh air on the back patio, you are forced to walk through garbage music while meddling through amateur crowds of mayhem.  Not fun!

On to more relevant things…we arrived around 11:15pm and had an easy entry experience with no line. Nice!  The opening DJ in the main room was…let me say…meh.  While the crowd seemed to dig the vibe, this guy had way too much fun dropping cheesy mashups of various popular edm tracks.  Might I also mention an observation early on in the night…the crowd seemed a little “off”, as if too many people simply strolled off the street just to go clubbing, not realizing there is an epic master DJ/producer about to take the stage.  Nevertheless, we situated ourselves directly in the center of the crowd and awaited the entrance of our boss…Mr. Markus Schulz!


About 12:30am, Markus took over.  It’s always impressive when a DJ is able to come out of the BS music of an opening DJ, into full blown Markus-mode!  Instantly turned the mood around!!!

As always, Markus was consistent with his set, and never disappointing.  Dropping remixed tracks like Perception, Saints, and of course, Sinners, the floor was rumbling and the sound system was banging! I must say, I’ve seen Schulz a lot, and I can honestly say, every show gets better with new remixes and fresh sounds that I’ve never heard live.  He really took it to extreme levels that night with the non-vocal hard tracks and had the entire crowd on their feet.  Tracks like Angular Momentum & The Plank Effect, kept the crowd at energy levels I have never experienced!  I can’t forget to mention also how Markus so effortlessly changed the room energy with some melodic Gaia Stellar…Love!

Midway through the night, we danced to the sounds of Progression (David Johnson remix) and just when you thought the show couldn’t get any harder and stronger, Markus dropped Sander’s Slap My Pitch Up! I can’t even put into words the energy in the room at that very moment.  It was one of those ah-ha moments you never forget…when you hear a tease of a song coming in and the crowd goes absolutely crazy.  Leave it to Markus to always find the perfect placement for a track, amazing! Goosebumps galore!

Oh, it’s not over just yet.  For Markus…always plan on hours and hours of set goodies!!  With our feet burning from dancing on a concrete floor, it didn’t stop us from rock’n out to Rotunda, Digital Madness, Stereophonic, and one of my favs…Fallen Angel.  Of course, I can’t forget to give props to Libertine (Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction) Wow, there are truly no words to describe what this song does to a room…

The night was a marathon of impressive, dark, grindy madness and as it winded down to an end around 4am, the crowd was the best just then!  An awesome batch of Unicorn Slayers, there till the very end.  Little did we know, after he wrapped up and was ready to exit the DJ booth…Markus came to greet some of us warrior fans down on the dance floor.  What a great guy! Friendly, down to earth, and sincerely appreciates all of his fans.

As always, Markus comes correct, is consistent and NEVER disappoints.  If you missed this show, enjoy the videos online and try not to weep too hard, because boy…did you miss an astounding performance.  Ahhhhh, Markus Schulz…his shows just keep getting better. An epic win for sure. See you at the next one my fellow Schulz Army Warriors!

Reviewed by Deb Graynor

More Videos can be viewed on Jerry’s Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JMassey699

Photos Courtesy of Glow DC:




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