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Album Review: Ferry Corsten – WKND

Album Review: Ferry Corsten – WKND

Ferry Corsten delivers his fourth full-length studio album, WKND (Ultra Music/Flashover), on February 24th. We got the early scoop & review for you!

When it comes to Ferry Corsten, the music possibilities are endless. As a seasoned veteran, every album or compilation that he crafts not only opens our ears to familiar sounds, but also introduces us to even more artistic, unique ,and dynamic sound possibilities. This year, celebrating 20 years of radiance, Ferry will be introducing his next masterpiece artist album entitled, WKND, scheduled to be released this upcoming February. Get ready to open your mind and allow Corsten to rock your world with these 14 unstoppable tracks.

From HUGE bangers, to harmonious melodies, to some seriously funky beats we expect from Ferry…this album has got it all! I am confident that some of the female vocal tracks on WKND will, without a doubt, make your hair stand up. The album kicks off with a stunning mellow vibe to A Day Without Rain ft. Ellie Lawson…an outstanding progressive work of art, accompanied by gorgeous vocals. Speaking of god-like vocals…Not Coming Down ft. Betsie Larken has (hands down) got to be one of the most magical songs I’ve ever heard. From start to finish, this song embodies a variety of elements. A dark & grindy trance track, that breaks down to an absolutely angelic piano & vocal solo. Just when you’re wrapped up in the emotion of this song, you’re quickly knocked out with some serious pounding punches to get your feet going. A work of a musical genius indeed, showing us that a single track, meticulously put together, has the strength to move your emotions in ways you never imagined possible. I forbid this track be remixed, as it stands so beautiful exactly where it is. Just sayin…

Corsten has always been notorious for his signature style. Over the years, these styles have grown into distinct sounds that only he seems to so effortlessly bring to every production. WKND introduces us to much of the latter. Take Me is a perfect illustration of pure trance energy. This track boasts a soft mesmerizing synth, with a hard, unbreakable beat. Another room shaker…Don’t Be Afraid. This tune offers nothing but a clean progression that builds up with some deep, strong synths to get you going. Fans will be in for a real treat when hearing this one live!

WKND also offers a beautiful and a unique progressive lounge vibe with the track Walk on Air. Simply stunning and well constructed. And with regards the vocals!? Well let’s just say, whether male or female, Corsten has come correct. Female vocals such as Live Forever ft. Aruna, In Your Eyes ft. JES and Let You Go ft. Sarah Bettens are all cleanly constructed with gorgeous melodies blended with sharp rhythms that will for sure not only get your feet to move, but will most certainly force you to belt out a note or two.

In the last year, male vocals have been the new trend and Ferry has certainly proved that on this project. Ain’t No Stopping ft. Ben Hague has already made some waves on Dutch Radio 538 with its catchy rhythm and feel good aura. While it could be classified as a somewhat risky track for Ferry with its mainstream radio characteristics, Ferry adds a healthy dose of entertaining synths that will compel this song to grow on you faster than you can say…”meh”!! Love Will ft. Duane Harden also presents a clean, crunchy beat accompanied by some classic piano melodies & enjoyable catchy vocals.

If you’ve been to any live production in the last 6 months, you’ve probably already fallen in love with some WKND bangers!! Feel it, has certainly done some significant dance floor damage this past year. Also, without a doubt our knees got weak for Ferry’s collaboration with Armin van Buuren…Brute. Wow, what an anthem this became!! An earth shattering, spine tingling track that lifts you up and gets you jumping! WKND also brings us Check it Out, which for sure got your feet moving this past year. Who would’ve ever thought of fusing a vocal sample from The Return of Captain Rock to create this fun, groovy, funky, phenomenon of a track!!

There is never a dull music moment on WKND, and Ferry Corsten has proven, once again, that his artistic musical abilities go way beyond our imaginations! Not only does he donate earsplitting bangers… but groovy, harmonious tracks that you can listen to anywhere, anytime, any mood! Tracks made to rock the venues, as well as relax your mind. What amazes me most about Ferry Corsten is that after 20 years, he’s still got it…and got it with a vengeance! Fans will forever be loyal to his sound and style because he is one of the few artists always on his A-game both live, and also in the studio…always proving there are no boundaries to music.

Ferry Corsten’s WKND will be released 2/24/12. Get it, and see for yourself what all this hype is about. Check it out….

Reviewed by Deb Graynor

Tracklist for Ferry Corsten’s WKND (Ultra Music/Flashover):

1. Ferry Corsten ft Ellie Lawson, “A Day Without Rain”
2. Ferry Corsten, “Feel It”
3. Ferry Corsten ft Ben Hague, “Ain’t No Stoppin’”
4. Ferry Corsten, “Don’t Be Afraid”
5. Ferry Corsten ft Betsie Larkin, “Not Coming Down”
6. Ferry Corsten vs Armin van Buuren, “Brute”
7. Ferry Corsten ft Aruna, “Live Forever”
8. Ferry Corsten ft Sarah Bettens, “Let You Go”
9. Ferry Corsten, “Check It Out”
10. Ferry Corsten ft Duane Harden, “Love Will”
11. Ferry Corsten ft Jes, “In Your Eyes”
12. Ferry Corsten ft Pierre In The Air & Amba Sheperd, “Walk On Air”
13. Ferry Corsten, “Take Me”
14. Ferry Corsten, “WKND”
15. (Bonus Track) Ferry Corsten, “Sunday”

Reviewer Deb Graynor
Label: Ultra Music/Flashover
Release date: February 24th, 2012



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  1. Absolute legend, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. Skratch /

    Thats what she said.

  3. Hayden /

    best album ive ever had, the variety shown by corsten throughout shows his great versatility and whatever mood you are in their is a track for you! although the tracks are all very differnt they are all bownd together which is the sign of a great album! a day without rain is track 1 on the album and that is the best intro ive ever heard! I would also recommend that you purchase the album off i tunes as it comes with an incredibly up lifting bonus track called sunday!

  4. Steven Baillie /

    Wow he’s the best I tell ya. Genius. Since Right of Way this cats been killin it. Great artist and amazing DJ. A whole generation of Ferry albums ain’t a bad time to live in.

  5. Ryan Terry /

    Lol I’m baffled that people actually enjoy this album. It’s absolutely terrible. This whole genre is becoming unbelievably predictable and boring, and while Ferry Corsten used to be an innovator, his latest album deserves nothing more than a yawn.

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