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Interview with Ferry Corsten – Check it out…

Interview with Ferry Corsten – Check it out…

Global DJ/producer, FERRY CORSTEN, celebrates 20 years as an acclaimed artist. With the release of his fourth studio album, WKND (Ultra Music/Flashover), We recently spoke with him regarding his album release.. “Check it out”

Your new studio album WKND is released February 24th! I understand this celebrates 20 years for you as one of the most epic DJ/producers on the planet.  If you had to describe this album to someone who has never heard it before, how would you word it?

FERRY CORSTEN: I am really happy and proud of this album, and if I would have to describe it in a few words, I would say it’s melodic, diverse and exhilarating.

Should your fans look forward to those crisp, dynamic, melodic beats that we would normally expect from you? 

FERRY CORSTEN: For sure. It’s all of the above, only with a slightly lower BPM. I think I have successfully created another Ferry Corsten album that fits perfectly in the Ferry Corsten family of albums. [laughs]

What is the story behind the title, WKND?

FERRY CORSTEN: The theme or thought behind the album is actually the album title, which is short for weekend. The album has to create that weekend feeling where people relax and enjoy themselves. In general, we just want positive vibes when it’s our time off and not have too much to worry about. That’s why I really wanted to give the album an uplifting and positive vibe.

Did you find yourself experimenting with any new sounds on this album? Maybe a style you normally wouldn’t produce or gravitate towards?

FERRY CORSTEN: I always experiment with my sound to find new ways of creating different sounds. I also tried it while creating WKND. As for producing a style I normally wouldn’t… listen for yourself.

“Feel It” and “Check It Out” were huge bangers this summer. Are there any other specific tracks on WKND that you feel have potential to do some more damage on the floors? Maybe ones that give you and the crowd a real adrenalin boost?

FERRY CORSTEN: “Ain’t No Stoppin’,” “Not Coming Down,” “Live Forever,” “Take Me,” “WKND” and “Don’t Be Afraid.” I could go on and on! The whole album is one big adrenaline boost in more ways than one. It’s all about positive vibes and lifting up your spirit.

Being one of the founding fathers of trance music, do you feel there is more pressure in the industry for producers to conform to a more mainstream sound?

FERRY CORSTEN: I never think about what kind of sound I am creating. I always try to create music which I really enjoy and which I think sounds original. Of course, there is always the pressure from the industry to produce mainstream sounds, but I’d rather not think about that and just create a Ferry Corsten tune.

Are you comfortable with what the EDM world has evolved to, with the huge venues and festivals worldwide? Do you enjoy playing these massive gigs, or are you more comfortable with the smaller productions?

FERRY CORSTEN: I absolutely love the big festivals! It gives me goosebumps every time I hear a big crowd sing along with one of my tracks. Last year, the crowd at Stereosonic sang me a happy birthday song. If I reckon correctly, there were about 20,000 people there.

What is your favorite city in America to play?

FERRY CORSTEN: Among my favorite cities and venues in the States would be Ruby Skye in San Francisco, Marquee in Las Vegas, Avalon in Los Angeles, Glow in Washington DC, Pacha in New York City, and LIV in Miami.

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