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One on One with Origin – USA’s Tech-Trance Duo!

One on One with Origin – USA’s Tech-Trance Duo!

ORIGIN refers to the beginning point of ones existence. Without truly knowing where we’ve been, we’d never evolve. So in everything they’ve done, long-time friends and producers Brendan Bartels and Cypher have always stuck to their musical roots.

Starting as DJs they continued into production, and found themselves bringing their experience together to form their own twist to tech energy. Their focus became pursuing the creation of sound that perfectly pairs light and dark melodic elements with bass heavy rhythms.

Hey guys! thanks for sitting down with us. How has 2013 been for you? how did you spend the holidays?

Origin: Well it was a mix of good food and extra time to work on new bangers for 2013.

Describe the sound of Origin for us.

Origin: Our sound is essentially every element we enjoy about trance rolled into one. It’s definitely a unique energy and we like to keep it that way in both production and live performances. I think that Origin sound is definitely recognizable once you hear our work. Its got a blend of uplifting/psy/dark tech with organic melodic presence.

Cypher, you’re actually from more of a hip-hop background in the DJ field. How did you meet Brendan and when did you guys decide it was going to work collaborating on Tech Trance?

Origin: We were both pursuing different genres as djs/producers and met during college. Once we began sharing our work with each other I began experimenting more with my own sound, which was essentially me learning how to translate all my experience into electronic production. The turning point was after Brendan took me to my first trance show at which point I knew instantly the path I was going to take. We decided to pursue this together, grew as producers and djs, learning from each other while building our style. That was about 3 and half years ago and its been quite the journey since.

How has the hip-hop background influenced your Trance production?

Origin: Well it provided a good starting ground for production experience and let me explore a lot of different artistic sides. I still listen to hip hop, but in a way Its lead me to appreciate and draw more inspiration from film score artists like Clint Mansell. So being able to dissect and understand layers of natural instruments in orchestral compositions was really helpful when applied to trance.

You have two records now out on the Discover White label, with a remix from our last featured artist Peter Plaznik. How did you guys make that connection?

Origin: Yup, we had two original releases and one remix for Lee Haslam on Discover White. Peter was originally supposed to the the remix on our first release on Discover, “Trainwreck.” Our A&R Gary Maguire had decided it would be better to have him do a remix on our track “Limbo” and so the project was born. We were really happy with Peter’s work, he was able to keep the original melodic dark tones in the track while putting that extra tech energy into it.

Peter actually just announced that he will be releasing a Psytrance track on Paul Oakenfold’s label, Perfecto Fluoro. Brian Flinn has also said in the past he has considered doing a Psytrance track, and Simon Patterson recently did a remix of Neelix. Is this something you guys are interested in?

Origin: We’ve actually been incorporating psy elements in our productions for some time now, mainly with our style of sound effects and flare. We’re definitely loving the new ideas and energy psy trance has been bringing into the scene lately. In our more recent productions we have played with percussive psy elements to bring out more groove and bounce.

Tell us a little about the first time you met Sean Tyas.

Origin: Brendan was obviously a long time fan and had some brief online interaction a year prior to actually meeting him, but we met in person when he performed with Simon Patterson and Tom Colontonio in Philadelphia. It was a small venue, and was also Cypher’s first trance event. While they were well known at this point they really made waves in the scene the following year, and seeing their growth inspired us to discover our own potential and never limit ourselves. All three of these guys have been a huge influence in how we developed our style and love for the trance scene so looking back it was quite surreal to be in the booth with them that night and see how much has transpired for Origin since then.

We’ve talked about you guys using 3-4 different songs simultaneously to create live mash-ups, with both halves of Origin having their hands on the decks. For you,
what are challenges and benefits for performing this way?

Origin: Creativity is king here, we want to provide something new and energetic but familiar at the same time. So we have been diverse in our method for organizing potential live mashups which comes with all sorts of technical challenges. There’s a lot more risk involved for potential fuck ups, which no one is immune to when working on multiple tracks live. and The benefit will always be giving listeners something they wont forget when the nights over and that can inspire others to push their own limits.

Name some more underground Tech Trance artists we may hear in an Origin set, mashed-up or otherwise.

Origin: Is there an underground tech trance scene? Let us know when you find it, we’d love to spin there. Haha Underground is a tough one to define, these days the underground artist is usually the one who’s pushing the boundaries of their own sound and paving new ground, whether its bigger artists or small up and comers. Guys like Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson, Hughes & Ballantine, Gary Maguire, Indecent Noise and Jordan Suckley are all doing interesting things with their sound.

Is there any exclusive news you can share with USTM? Upcoming releases, gigs, etc?

Origin: This Friday we will be closing out the night after Ashley Wallbridge at Pachita and we are definitely looking forward to banging out some tech to start of 2013 and debuting some originals. On the production side, we have a collab track coming out this year with a remix from a very talented 140 artist in the scene. Also we have some originals we are wrapping up that are looking like they’re finding a home on Discover Dark and Fraction, so we will be excited to share more details in the months to come.

Can you tell us something we are first to know?

Origin: Well, we have a pre and post hookah ritual for gigs. It’s a relaxing way to lead into the night and a great way to celebrate the end of it. That’s the first time we’ve shared that in an interview. Our current favorite flavor is by Starbuzz’s Queen of Sex

Any last words for your fans and our readers?

Origin: We would like to thank our fans and fellow artists who have showed continued support in previous years and ones to come. We plan to continually work hard, to keep pushing our own boundaries and to never disappoint you guys. For the readers who are aspiring producers or djs we would like to remind them to always follow their own sound, regardless of what the easiest path is. Never give up on your aspirations, even if you sound isn’t accepted immediately, continue to push and develop. Lastly remember to always love what you are doing and remember why your started to pursue trance in the first place. The journey is long and extremely trying but if you can focus on the music, and not the outcome, popularity or sales, you will truly be happy and your music will stay true to who you are.

Connect with Origin: http://www.origintrance.com/
See Origin This Friday: http://ustm.wantickets.com/Events/117612/Esscala-Presents-Ashley-Wallbridge-Zack-Roth-Origin/



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