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Origin | Featured Artist of The Month | January 2013

Origin | Featured Artist of The Month | January 2013

Featured Artist January: Origin
By: Tom Rogers

For those of you who enjoy the classic vibe of Trance, it’s ever-continuing association with sci-fi style technlogy, and the 140 BPM mantra, you are sure to appreciate this months’ Featured Artist. Origin, comprised of DJ Cypher and Brendan Bartels, is a tech-trance duo breaking onto the scene which aims to combine all of their favorite Trance elements. In our interview with the duo, they describe their sound as “a blend of uplifting, psy, and dark tech, with organic melodic presence.” With releases on the infamous Discover White label, they have been remixed by last months’ Featured Artist Peter Plaznik as well as themselves remixing the likes of Lee Haslam and other big hitters.

Utilizing the sounds of the Trance we have come to know and love, they incorporate a variety of influences from the spectrum. You will find many technical aspects in an Origin production as well as a performance — the duo performs mixing between 3 or 4 songs simultaneously, with both artists actively affecting the music. The productions have a slightly more technical side than the average banger, switching bass-line styles at crucial points to create different, danceable effects. Psytrance sound effects add some different textures to the atmospheres, as do the winding builds and drops. Cypher was actually a hiphop producer before the project as well, so there is a world of experience in different musical styles used to up the ante.

As the name implies, Origin appreciates the roots of the true trance sound and culture. They actually have a futuristic brand of wristwatches that may remind you of the heavy 90’s action films that helped popularize the genre. As with these films and the original trance style, Origin creates a mixture of both light and dark music — a technique which has been forgotten by most and has reclaimed some footing in 2012. This technique allows for a roller-coaster of emotions to be present during the songs created as well as the DJ sets. Combine that with the highly technical nature and multiple influences and you have one hell of a show.

USTM’s Top 3 Origin Tracks:

1. Origin – Limbo (Peter Plaznik Remix) – Limbo – Single – Origin
2. Origin – Trainwreck – Trainwreck (Original Mix) – Single – Origin
3. Lee Haslam – Vengeance (Origin Remix) – Vengeance – Single – Lee Haslam

Connect with Origin: http://www.origintrance.com/



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