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So you think you can Chair Rave?

So you think you can Chair Rave?

So you think you can Chair Rave?
Written By: Outraged Festival Goers

Ever since ASOT600 NYC was announced at the Iconic MSG, Our news feed was flooded with unhappy and confused festival goers. And We don’t blame them. With that said we would like to speak on behalf of them..

First, A State of Trance New York at Madison Square Garden and more recently announced… Electric Daisy Carnival NYC at Citi Field!?!? So, who wants to Chair Rave? Since when do the attendees of these music events want to sit down obediently and watch their favorite DJ throw down an incredible set…especially at an Electronic Dance Music Festival.

Is this what we are going to be doing at future festivals?

These festivals allow us to let loose and tear rug, not to sit in our seats and swing a sparkler around. Inquiring minds really would like to know, what goes through the minds of these booking managers when they opt for these massive venues?! Money talks, I guess. Its quite sad to think those days of packing out a seedy, yet quaint, club’s dance floor are long over. It’s hard not to miss that feeling of looking to the person next to you, smiling confidently knowing they are there for the same reasons…to simply experience the music and absorb the artist. Instead…we are now forced to share our dance floor with patrons who are not only underaged, but also uninterested in what this music truly brings. This isn’t just any genre and electronic music fans have always been loyal to our brand. This is music that has pulled people from their absolute darkest rock bottoms, has been present through some of the most vibrant chapters in their lives and has even created lifelong friendships and true bonds.

So, to those big name artists who only see big venue names and more massive crowds…just remember, your real fans are the same ones that filled up that small grimy dance floor where you first started spinning records. These are the ones who have been loyal since day one. Yet these are the same ones who won’t get tickets to your sold out shows because your real fans over at StubHub have snatched them first.

Don’t forget us small people. We are the ones who gave you that initial drive to take your careers to where they are today.



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