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“Live Your Life In Stereo” With Ryan Farish.. An Exclusive Interview

“Live Your Life In Stereo” With Ryan Farish.. An Exclusive Interview

Ryan Farish is an American Electronic Artist, Producer, Grammy nominated songwriter, and DJ. Ryan Farish first launched his music career, on the first generation MP3.com (2000). It was at this site where he received more than 1.8 million downloads, of his Electronic music, and then earned the title “Download King” from L.A.-based music industry magazine, Music Connection. In 2008, he garnered a Grammy nomination, as well as a Dove Award as a hit songwriter. Farish’s music has been featured on every major television network, Major motion picture houses, and even recently branded one of the world’s most established and elegant brands, Audi in the Remarkable Audi series, a video series which Farish also stars in. Companies like Chevrolet, The Weather Channel, Audi, Rak Bank (Dubai) and Sony pictures have all used Farish’s trademark sound, to reach their markets.

Hello Ryan, How has 2013 been treating you thus far?

Ryan Farish: Hello USTM! 2013 so far is off to a good start, working away in the studio, excited about making music right now, and enjoying the process. Also working with a ton of great vocalists these days, and that has been a lot of fun!

Tell us a bit about yourself, for our fans who may not know who you are.

Ryan Farish: I’m an electronic artist, producer and dj. I’ve been producing Electronic music for around 12 years now. I spent the first part of my career focusing on Chillout and Downtempo albums, but in more recent years I’ve released several albums that have included trance, progressive, and chillout.

Your productions are a mix of trance, chillout & progressive. Have you thought about making some full on trance productions?

Ryan Farish: Yes, absolutely. Songs “Neon Stars”, “Lifted”, “Opus” these are more along the lines of my trance. I’m also in the studio right now working on more music for my next MRA 2.0 (Main Room Architecture) series, and there are a lot of trance tracks on this album.

Tell us a bit more about “Life in Stereo” your latest album which was release in Dec 2012.

Ryan Farish: Life in Stereo is really a special album for me. Life In Stereo, to me is a statement about living each day to the fullest. For me, if I enjoy Downtemp, Chillout Music, but then I want to make Trance… then I just go for it, and that is how I’m living my musical life, in stereo these days. My latest album, Life In Stereo took me a year to make, and has a very consistent theme to it. There are moments that are bright, moments that are more driving, but the consistent theme to this album, is what I’m most proud of on this one, mainly because it took a lot of discipline for me to stay focused on such a consistent theme. I’m always exploring new sounds, and am constantly getting excited about new music, new technology and instruments, etc so it’s very easy for me to get side tracked and go off and explore something new, but with Life in Stereo I stayed true to the sound of the album, and I really feel like it’s been received well and my fans seem to feel and agree with the consistent “voice” of the album, which has been really great.

What are your plans for 2013?

Ryan Farish: My plans are to finish up my next MRA 2.0 (Main Room Architecture) album. I’m also continuing work on my radio show/podcast “Chasing the Sun”, and look forward to sharing all the music I absolutely love with everyone thru both that show and live.

Tell us something we are the first to know?

Ryan Farish: I literally just finished a new song with Marie’ Digby, called “Infinite” and that is coming out on my new MRA 2.0 album. Marie’ is an incredible talent, and we are working on some more new music, which is going very well.

From Who/ Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ryan Farish: Inspiration comes in so many ways…in a way it is kind of like receiving a download. It’s like out of the blue, I hear the entire production in my head, and it’s a race to capture and re create it before I forget something. Sometimes moments like a nice drive, out of the city, or really late at night… these are times I can recall where these “inspired” moments seem to have happened most often.

Any last words for your fans and our readers over here at USTM.

Ryan Farish: I would just like to thank you Douglas, and your readers for taking the time to read this interview, I hope everyone will take just a minute to visit my facebook, and let me know what they think about my latest Life In Stereo album. I’d also like to thank my fans that have been along with me for this musical journey for many years now, which have supported me so much. As long as people are listening, and enjoying my music, I’ll be working hard to bring the best music I possibly can to them. In many ways, I feel like I’m just getting started, and I’m very grateful to be in this moment of inspiration right now, making music and connecting with people around the world through music.

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Buy “Life In Stereo”: Life in Stereo – Ryan Farish



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