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Enter Phase 2: Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Allyn

Enter Phase 2: Exclusive Interview with Jonathan Allyn

DJ::Producer, Jonathan Allyn continues to be recognized by the media, its artists and crowds across the nation for his tough yet melodically progressive, techno trance DJ style and productions.

As one of the nations fastest up and coming artists, Jonathan was recognized in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll as Christopher Lawrence’s“Breakthrough DJ/Producer of the Year”. His productions continue to be featured and charted around the Globe on many of the worlds top radio shows including multiple features on Above & Beyond’s, “Trance Around the World”, Matt Darey’s “Nocturnal Radio”, Christopher Lawrence’s “Rush Hour” and many more.

As a producer, Jonathan has released music on many of the world’s top record labels and is an artist for Armada, AVA, Pharmacy, Baroque Records and Hook Recordings. He has worked exclusively with Anjunabeats “Jaytech” on Andy Moor’s “AVA” imprint, has become a top 10 selling artist on Beatport and Track it Down, been featured on seven Armada compilations and with production support by the likes of Judge Jules, Sean Tyas, Above & Beyond, Christopher Lawrence, Marcus Schossow, Andy Moor, M.I.K.E, Aly & Fila, Ronski Speed, Lee Haslam and many more of the worlds A-Lister’s, his productions continue to be a staple for many of the worlds Top DJ’s.

Hello Jonathan, how has 2013 been treating you so far?

Hi guys!  2013 has been great so far.  Tons of good music is being release and there is a resurgence taking place within the underground.  It’s an exciting time for dance music!

For our readers who may not know who you are, can you tell us a bit about yourself, and how you started with music production, and interest in Electronica/Trance?

My background comes from the Punk Rock scene and is a pretty tough story.  I was on my own by the age of 16, spent time living on the streets, slept in abandoned houses while jumping freight trains and basically did the best I could to survive my circumstances.  As tough as that may sound, it wasn’t a horrible existence as I learned to really appreciate the simple things in life that are so easy to take for granted.  There were also some amazing people in my life who helped me get situated while I got my life on track and during my 10+ year run in the punk rock scene, I found my family and love for music.

Moving into dance music…  Well that came about in a perfect moment.  I was taking a close look at where I was in life, what I had been through and where I was going and knew there had to be something more.  After being kicked out of our squat one morning in Hollywood, I met a girl who took me in and introduced me to this genre of music that captured the energy of punk rock but on a completely different level.   I found this driving sound in trance that was underground and energetic, yet uplifting at the same time and in the end, when I decided to take on DJ’ing, it was one of the first things in my life to just click and make sense.  Ultimately, it became my way to give back to the scene that pretty much saved my life.

 How do you get hooked up with Pharmacy Music?

Great question!  Back in 97’ when I was out in LA a friend of mine introduced me to Christopher Lawrence’s ‘Rise’ album.  The first track (Phreaks – Huntemann) blew my mind and from that point on I was hooked on trance.  Over the years while living in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to work with a number of promoters who were booking Christopher and over time, we forged a friendship.  Later on as my skills as a DJ & producer came together things just lined up.

What can the listeners expect from Phase 2?

They can expect a deep, driving, mix filled with great music that is rooted in the underground with an uplifting edge.  It was built for the listener with quality tunes from some amazing artists and aimed directly at the dance floor.

Handpicked tracks by yourself, how did you come to compile the tracklist. What were you looking?

For me, the most important part of compiling the album was building out a quality mix while taking all of the great music from the label and finding the tracks that carried the listener throughout the full spectrum of what Pharmacy music is about.  I went through over 50 singles and mixed them live in my studio before nailing the final mix.  Picking out 14 tracks was not easy as there were so many excellent tracks to choose from but I love the mix and hope the listeners do to!

You’ve included a 2013 revamp on a classic you produced in 2009 ‘Taking Sides’ on the compilation. What made you revisit this track?

‘Taking Sides’ is one of my favorite productions and going into the ‘Phase 2’ compilation, I knew it had to be there but Christopher Lawrence featured it on ‘Phase 1’.  After being asked to compile the mix, I wanted the compilation to include new tracks as well so I thought what better way showcase ‘Taking Sides’ than to remix it for the compilation.  It was a lot of fun going back to that track with a new approach and the very talented ‘Fergie & Sadrian’ knocked out a stellar remix of it as well which will be part of the EP in May.

What are you currently working on?

I’ve been locked down in the studio building up my library of music.  Some of my fans have asked about an artist album and I am going to be focusing on one this year.  Aside from that I just completed a remix for Christopher Lawrence & John 00 Fleming and am teaming up with some great artists this year for some good collaborations.

Who would you like to see yourself team up with in the future? Who are your current “Look outs” on the scene? 

I’m really digging what Peter Plaznik from Discover Dark and Perfecto Flouro is doing right now and am honored to have him completing a remix of mine.  Magnus from Pharmacy, Perfecto and Discover is definitely one to watch out for.  He is one of the brightest stars in the US trance scene at the moment and look forward to working with him again in the near future.  Jay Selway is back at it again and I just heard an amazing new track from him last night.  Also, Thomas Datt, Angry Man and my PsyTrance favorites including Audiotec, Faders, Fanalyze, Aquatica along with the Mad Actors are always on the radar.  So much good music coming out!

What is Jonathan’s biggest turnoff?

Being late.  I know it happens and many times it’s out of your control but I always strive to be on time to where I need to be, whenever that might be.

Where can we see you next, any gigs lined up?

We’re currently sorting out US dates to support the compilation and working on a tour through South America and Asia.  Stay tuned!  Everything will be available at www.jonathanallyn.com

It looks like Prog/PSY-Trance/Tech is getting more recognizable within the scene. It’s about time right?

Absolutely!  For now, it’s the new version of the underground and I love how there is a nitch within that genre that allows me to move between psytrance to progressive trance and even progressive house.

Can you tell us something we are the first to know?

I was a vegetarian for 8 years then succumbed to ribeye steak at Mexican resort of all places and never looked back.  lol

Any advice you can give for the future generation of trance producers?

Keep at it and practice, practice, practice…  Don’t give up, set goals and don’t let the no’s slow you down, focus on what is good, open your eyes, open your mind and look at everything for inspiration, learn from others, know that you will never stop learning and create your own sound.

Any last words for our readers and your fans

Thanks to everyone for all of the support!  It’s been a journey that’s only just begun.  Keep in touch with me over at Facebook & Twitter.  See you on the dance floor!!

Web & DJ Bookings:  http://www.jonathanallyn.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jonathan-Allyn-Official-Page/74301317199

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jonathanallyn

Release Date:
Exclusively on Beatport – March 11th – http://www.beatport.com/release/pharmacy-phase-2/1054179
Available worldwide – March 25th



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