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What Do We Got Over Here? A New MZone Exclusive Mix?

What Do We Got Over Here? A New MZone Exclusive Mix?

Today is a very special day. Legendary DJ/Remixer/Producer Mick Marshall better known as MZone has graced us with his one of a kind exclusive mix for United States Trance Movement. Packed with all of his latest productions and few off his long time running label UK44 Records. His unique sound continues to outshine the repetitive trance sound that is pouring out today. You can catch MZone doing monthly raves and special gigs all over the Europe. Mick is really interested in playing here in the USA. US Promoters.. The time is now to be original and shake up your bookings. Contact myself our Mick directly to bring him over stateside. A career going back to the mid nineties, Mzone has throw down legendary sets & played some of the most legendary events.

Interview with MZone can be read here.

M-Zone has to be the most influential underground hard trance DJ of the nineties…. and seen as “hard trance” only came about in the nineties – people are right to refer to him as “the godfather of hard trance” it was M-Zones banging, uplifting + uptempo beats that caught Mark EG’s ear in the mid nineties and made Mark EG become one of the most recognised hard trance DJ’s around the world. Now they have both played all over the world and have many followers and im sure always will….. M-Zones music will live forever ……..

M-Zone is one of the biggest heroes of the scene but manages to remain underground. Every time i’ve had the pleasure to bump into him at raves or record shops he’s always been very friendly too!! Am proud to say i’m from the same beautiful town as this guy – Doncaster.
Long Live M-Zone!!


M-Zone Dream Within a Dream (M-Zone psycotic mix) Unreleased
Krüger & Coyle -The Witness (Randy Expansion Mix)
E_wok Supersound (stimulator remix)
M-zone Infinity Unreleased
Neptune4 Sympla (M-Zone psybass mix) Unreleased
M-Zone Toykyo Rush (Midnight Mix) Unreleased
Jam N Spoon Age of love Unreleased(M-Zone |2013 Clubbed up mix)
M-Zone Dance to My beat
M-Zone Darth Raver Unreleased
Dream machine enjoy this trip (M-Zone) Unreleased
Revolation A life of now (M-Zone psycotic mix) Unreleased
M-zone Reflexionz Unreleased
DJ Daroo Our Future Planet
Tha Bomber Heartstring (Darroo remix) Unreleaased
Rainer Nrg vs Darroo Life is too short (Original_Mafia_Mix)
DJ Sid State of Mind


Article By: Douglas Marrero(USTM FOUNDER)



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