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Interview: Ukraine’s Ultimate Hard Trance Duo // Locanda & Kuznetsow

Interview: Ukraine’s Ultimate Hard Trance Duo // Locanda & Kuznetsow

Vladimir Chadlov, is the producer with more then ten years of experience. He was releasing own tracks on different labels, in different genres all over the world since 2007. Also he is the co-founder of one of the Ukrainian most famous labels S.O.L.T. records established in year 2007 and closed in 2012. Pavel Kuznetsov is talented producer with nearly ten years of experience and started his official career with taking silver on Blutonium Records competition in July of 2007. Guys met in 2005 & found a lot of common in music & art. In 2007 their first collab was the single for just developed label S.O.L.T. Records with Hard Trance & Progressive Trance mixes. Later they have made few remixes for each other. And finally in 2010 Vladimir & Pavel decided to collaborate seriously and…Locanda & Kuznetsow was born! Project aim is to bring the finest Hard Trance tunes to the ravers & clubbers all over the world. Traditions of Hard Trance sound melting with latest musical technologies & achievements is the main idea behind Locanda & Kuznetsow act. Project’s tracks already earn great support from dj’s worldwide. Also duo’s singles was already licensed for such a great compilations as: “Dream Dance”, “Tunnel Trance Force”, “Hard Dance Nation” and “DJ Irish Assorted Hard Trance”. And there is much more to follow!

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Hello Guys, Thanks for making some time for a chat. How is everything across the pond?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Hi, everything is fine. Thanks for having us.

I discovered you guys through well respected label Hyper Reality Records around last year if were not mistaken but you guys have been around for quite some time. Lets go back to the beginning. Spill it all out!

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Well, both of us begin to produce music around year 2000. In 2007 we had our first official releases on our own label S.O.L.T. Records. Then we had some more releases & in 2010 we decided to collaborate to create the hardtrance project together. It take two years to produce our two first singles & sign them. It was “Shine/Forcing The End” on Toxic Records & “I Will Find U” (with Dima Krasnik Remix) on Mental Madness. & then more releases & remixes on Toxic, Mental Madness & of course Hyper Reality until now. If you want know more about our releases in the past, check out our Discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/artist/2842416-Locanda-Kuznetsow
And of course our soundcloud to listen to them:

What pulled you into making trance music? Hard trance…

Locanda & Kuznetsow: We love this style with all our heart. We have been into electronic dance music since late 90-s. It was trance, club house, techno, hard trance & even some hardcore. In that time we discovered hardtrance music all started with tunes like : Cosmic Gate – Mental Atmosphere, Embargo! – Embargo, Mauro Picotto – Iguana and some others. So hearing this insane tune & others that come up later was the push to produce our own sound in this direction.

What’s in store for you in the coming months? Any exclusive news you can tell us?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Well for hardtrance we are now working on some new fresh tunes for Locanda & Kuznetsow & Der Ketzer (which is means some darker hardtrance sound). But also we work on some other stuff for our other aliases, it’s a new track for some cool Italian label driven by pair of famous Italian producers, some techno music is also on it’s way. Also we are currently working on our own sound service that we starting soon, it will include mixing, ghost producing, jingles & other sound services. Keep following us.


Your sound has very old-school, dark, energetic feel. Just the way I like it. Where/who do you get your influences from?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Ofcourse the main influence for us is hardtrance heroes that build up the style. Guys like: Scot Project, Reverb (S.H.O.K.K, Flutlicht), Kai Tracid, Dumonde, Derb (Hennes & Cold), Mellow Trax, Arne L II & Mirko Milano, Cosmic Gate, Luca Antolini & many more. But the influence can be anything great movie or book, nature, meeting with friends, anything.

If you could play at any club in the world and showcase your productions where would it be and why?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Any performance in any club is great for us, but our main dream is the big events like Defqon 1 or Q-limax. Too bad Sensation black is closed now 🙁 The feeling of such massive events is just amazing, the sound, the light, the atmosphere & thousands of people together as one, what can be better.

When you’re not in the studio, what do you guys do for fun & relaxation?

Vladimir: When I am out f studio I can watch some great movie or TV series, read the book or just go on for some walk. Also I am having an idea of some script for the TV series, which I am working on.
Paul: I like sport exercises, work on some graphic design & photography.

Is there hope for the hard trance sound to come on top again? The sub-genre’s of trance music seem to go up and down in popularity of the years. What are your thoughts?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: We think it’s possible. Anyway we hope someday it’s will happen & we doing all to make it happen. Someday people will become tired of EDM & commercial music & will search for something other, more energetic & having some idea behind it. That day they will discover hardtrance music.

If you could collaborate with one hard trance legend who would it be and why?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Well it might sound obvious, but that will be Scot Project. Because the man is the one responsible for the shaping of hardtrance sound as we know it. But anyway we have already collaborated with some famous hardtrance artist like Thomas Petersen & DJ Mill (DJ Mill & Manuel T) & expecting few cool collabs in near future.

If you had 24 hours to live… What would you do?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: We would lock up in studio, produce our best track & signed it to great label. Yeah, the music is our life.


Tell us about your studio setup.

Locanda & Kuznetsow: We have two pairs of monitors: Alesis MK2 & KRK RP-8. Also headphones for extra monitoring: Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro. Soundcard is Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1. Hardware synths we are using are: Access Virus TI2 table, Access Virus KC, Roland JP 8000 & Roland XV-3080 (Dance, Techno & House boards expanded). Our all-time DAW is Cubase, we are using it now for 12 years & it’s amazing. Also we are using some soft synth & fx usual suspects you know. Also we have extensive samples collection that we collected for 16 years now.

What is one thing you guys can’t live without?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Well as we said before its music. The only thing we can’t live without, if not count air 😉

Any last words for your fans and our readers?

Locanda & Kuznetsow: Thanks to everybody who keeps supporting us through the years. Let’s work together for the return of hardtrance music. Please keep following us & like our Facebook page:



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