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Preview: The Hard Trance Renegade Unleashes His Debut Artist Album: Coming 2017

Preview: The Hard Trance Renegade Unleashes His Debut Artist Album: Coming 2017

USTM: One of the main guys pushing the hard trance sound back to the forefront is set to unleash his debut artist album early 2017. Below you can listen to a preview of eight tracks that he will be featuring on the album. A true originator to come forth over the years, Thomas Crossley is soon to be the next superstar DJ/Producer. “You’re hands down the best Euro producer in Hard Trance since Scott Project mate” – Jay Flynn

Words from Renegade System:
Hey all! I’ve been a little quiet recently working hard on my debut artist album which is coming up in 2017. So just to wet the taste buds, here is 8 previews of some of the tracks that will be featuring on my album, I really hope you enjoy them!

01. Live Without You
02. The Prophecy (with Busho)
03. Common Groud
04. Mandela Effect
05. Aliens II
06. The Power of The Mind
07. The World of God
08. Log:One & Wragg – Creatures (Renegade System Remix)



About Renegade System:
THE HARD TRANCE REVOLUTION is now gathering some serious pace as Renegade System aka Thomas Crossley blistering classic hard trance and hard tech trance sounds continue to find their way into the sets and labels of the trance elite!

Starting with ‘Scorpius’,Renegade System pretty much took over the Hard Trance scene within 6 months and brought back that true essence of the genre! High demand for his services on every hard trance label worth mentioning and picking up massive support from all the major players from UK to Australia, Europe to USA proved that a new hard trance star was born in 2015.

Coming from a trance background when hard trance was a HUGE part of the trance scene, Thomas felt a strong urge to crossover over into the bigger scene and the support of names such as Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Indecent Noise, Mark Sherry, MaRLo and even the godfather of Hard Trance Scot Project showed him this was more than possible!

Indecent Noise, who is also a dedicated fan of the classic hard trance sound asked for a Renegade System Remix of his Hydra for release on his impressive Mental Asylum Records. Indecent Noise had this to say ‘GAME FUKKING OVER! HEIL HYDRA!!!’

Check out this video below of Australian mega DJ/producer Marlo supporting Renegade System and bringing the Hard Trance Revolution to the 20,000 strong crowd at Transmission Prague which is one of the leading trance events the world has to offer!

Join THE HARD TRANCE REVOLUTION as Renegade System continues to create total mayhem in 2016 and beyond!



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