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Review: Locanda & Kuznetsow – Unheilig EP // Available March 19th 2017

Review: Locanda & Kuznetsow – Unheilig EP // Available March 19th 2017

Currently the most powerful and unique trance duo out right now. These two producers from the Ukraine are untouchable when it comes to original and hard cutting edge trance. If you took a liking into their previous EP ( Review: Locanda & Kuznetsow Pres. Der Ketzer – Heretic EP | HRR013 ) this two track EP will be right down your ally. If this was released in the early 00’s, we guarantee all the major players will be playing this in their sets. Old school rave vibes with a modern touch. It’s time hard trance makes it way back to the forefront where it should be. Be part of a new reality!

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Release Info:
Ukrainian duo Locanda & Kuznetsow thought it was time to show the scene something fresh and new. Presenting their new EP ‘Unheilig’, a nice follow-up of their previous HRR EP release ‘Der Ketzer’.

It stays true to the unholiness theme, full of dark elements, filled with clever edits and devilish soundscapes. Check out these 2 monster tunes Hexenkunst & Koma and prepare for one hell of a journey!

Like it, share it and be part of a new reality! [ OUT SOON March 19th ]


Release Date: March 19th, 2017

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