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Breaking: NYC Legendary DJ/Producers Johnny Vicious & Tony Draper Back?

Breaking: NYC Legendary DJ/Producers Johnny Vicious & Tony Draper Back?

Highly Respected DJ/Producers Johnny Vicious & Tony Draper could be returning to the producing world. In a recent Facebook post on Johnny Vicious personal page he stated that he was putting some unfinished productions back on the table. Vicious –

“Tonight I’m putting some unfinished productions back on the table, I have been fighting with myself about doing music again, and what’s killing it is that there is no inspiration out there. Im sorry guys i cant jump on the band wagon with techno… I feel that techno is too repetitive and boring. I lived through the original techno and house era and my friends this does not compare to even 10% of the tracks that were made in the 80s and 90s. I however do like the really hard techno that Adam Beyer plays, it has the driving hard soul that I love. I have been trying to find some sort of inspiration for the last couple years, what’s funny is I was going through You tube randomly and I stumbled on a KTU mix I did from 1999. Crazy how I found my inspiration going through my own mixes. It reminded me of why I was making music in the first place and brought the vicious back. Let’s see what happens in the next couple days. Till then here is the mix that brought me back to life!”

About Johnny Vicious: Whether he’s wreaking havoc in the DJ booth or in the studio, Johnny Vicious has made an indelible mark on the world’s dance floors and is regarded as a turntable phenomenon as well as an invincible producer and remixer. He is without question lauded internationally as one of dance music’s brightest stars. The particular style that he has perfected over the years has propelled him into a class of his own.

Appearances at the most legendary clubs in N.Y.C. like Red Zone, Palladium, and Sound Factory followed and Johnny parlayed these gigs into a residency at the world renowned Roxy declaring that Johnny Vicious had finally arrived front and center. His unique combination of house, trance and eclectic vocals provided a recipe for success producing chart-topping hits such as “Ecstasy” Featuring Lula, and “Moments” Featuring Myndy K.This contributed to him securing his own mix show on New York City’s biggest radio dance station W.K.T.U. where he was heard breaking his newest remix and productions on Saturday Nights.That soon Led him to residency’s at Sound Factory,Tunnel,Exit from which he started one of the most successful parties in NYC on Friday nights… “Sexy At The Roxy” with local star promoters A-luv and Bobby Goodrich.

Tony Draper, the man behind some of the most jaw dropping hard tracks and a legendary DJ of New York City nightlife period had made the following comment: “One of my favorite mix’s ever. I’ve been looking for inspiration myself & I think I just got it listening back on this mix. Johnny’s music is a huge reason I got into this game in the first place & it was his style & energy I loved so much that made me want to produce my own music. Im so happy to call him a friend now. Love you brotha. Thanks for all the great music & memories. ”

Both of these guys are living legends the dance music scene. A return to the scene for them would bring out the scene that once ruled. Lets see what happens in the coming months! Stay tuned here for the latest.



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