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About: Our website is an online magazine site for electronic dance music, specifically focused in trance.  When our readers come to our site, they will be able to read up on new releases, previews and reviews of the latest trance albums and compilations, stay up-to-date with the latest in electronic dance music news, plus read interviews with local and international DJs.  Our objective is to promote EDM artists and their music.

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns,  please feel free to contact either Doug or Paulette and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Promote Us: Spread the love of Trance Music and let others know about the USTM website and liking our facebook fan page.

About The Team


Name: Douglas Marrero

Rank: CEO, Administrator & Founder

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mrfresh

E-mail: douglas@usatrancemovement.com

Location: Valley Stream, New York

I started listening to EDM when i was about 15 years old, i used to go to club exit, sound factory here and there ( too many meat heads ) back in high-school and during my first years of college.  The first EDM DJ i have ever seen live was of course the god Armin Van Buuren, back in 2001. Till then i have met so many dj’s and people in the EDM scene and i have to say you’ve become family .  Back in 2000 i was happy to be apart and still am of #liquids family, ( IRC ) it was a forum based electronica site with trance fanatics from all over the world.  I was apart of that forum for about 8 years and slowly went my own way.  I took a break from attending  EDM parties, and made my way into the Latin scene till mid of 2009.  It wasn’t  then till i started really seeing the growth of trance music skyrocket here in the states.  I attended Club Pacha in January of 2010 to celebrate my birthday , which brought me back into the scene, and to tell you the truth it is what i needed back in my life.  The People, The Music, The Goosebumps, The Energy, the list goes on and on, you will never find this in any other type of genre.  I launched the website in February of this year, and I’m so happy of the outcome so far.  I have received tons and tons of support from trance fans all the way to media outlets.  I also met so many amazing people early this year (Paulette,Pauline,Will,JJ,David,Steve,Swei,Komson, so many more, you all know who you are!   All of Tranceformers/#TranceFamily)  <3 you all and i cant wait to see what the future holds.

Big Shout once again to Paulette Romero ( CO-Admin ) who has really helped me since the beginning and I cant thank her enough for all she has done. She has become one of my best friends <3. Juliet Star( San Diego DJ) for linking me up with projectradio.us,  Steve /JJ/David/Komson/ for being great friends and supportive, Cosmin Lukcas  Trancesound.net) for helping me get started with the website!

  • Juliet Star Horwedel | USTM Radio Show Coordinator
DJ Name: Juliet Star
Facebook: DJ Juliet Star
FB Group Page: San Diego Trance Movement
E-mail: juliet.star@usatrancemovement.com
Location: San Diego, CA



  • Deb Graynor
Facebook: Facebook
Location: Long Island, NY
Facebook: Juan R.
Location: Bloomfield, NJ




  1. Paulette /

    awwww thanks for the shoutout!

  2. The pleasure is all mine! Spreading the trance love!

  3. Nice blog! America needs more TRANCE!! We’re here to help spreading the word! Cheers!

  4. I really like the site. 20,000 records later I would tend to lean in your direction that trance music is a life style , a passion and an antidote to any bad feeling in the world. The world needs more people in it that understand the connection between music and happiness. May the trance be with you friends!

  5. im joining this movement! damnit paulette why didnt u tell me about this blog! lol

  6. LaLaDivina /

    Sorry Mike! I thought I had invited you on facebook.

  7. Mardouk /

    Salut tout le monde 🙂

    transatlantic trance lovers will keep an eye on this !!! 😉

    Best wishes for this greaat initiative !! it’s every day taking form !!

    keep up the good work !!

    see ya 😉

  8. Hello , you doing it very nice, i will check out often.
    Thank you .

  9. Hello Doug.

    Awesome site for trancers! 🙂

    It is our pleasure to help promote USTM website.

    keep it clubbin’

  10. I realize it is sort of off matter however I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what is usually needed put together? I’m assuming creating a blog similar to the one you have http://usatrancemovement.com/home/aboutus would probably cost you a lot of money? I’m not really pretty web savvy so I’m not hundred percent sure. Just about any suggestions or suggestions would be greatly highly valued. Kudos.


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