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“Whenever we have a new preview to release, I always come to USTM first to post our stuff. These guys are legit AWESOME, They are the ones keeping the trance scene alive in the USA. Although I now work exclusive to House Music, Trance is still my number one love. I hope the future trance artists and labels come to them first and support them as much as I have over the years. Love you guys, thanks for everything!” – Chris Kalargiros ( Autosave Management/Label Manager Auryn Music )

“For us USTM is the trance portal the United States waited so long for! Sharply presented and great to look at, its also super-quick off the mark when it comes to getting the scene news out there!” – Stark Profiles PR

I’m really glad and honored I had the chance in getting to collaborate in some interviews for my trance artists with United States Trance Movement, which had a really positive vibe. I also think that Douglas and the USTM are doing a great job and effort in their work with the promotion for upcoming and already established trance artists as the US is not an easy place to get such a genre going on. Keep up the amazing work guys, and can’t wait for future collaborations. – Roger Semaan

I wanted to genuinely thank the team at USTM not only for always being very supportive of me and my efforts but more importantly for the positive work and impact they had on the EDM scene in the US and beyond. – Tom Colontonio

We consider USATrancemovement a superb webpage aimed at what today’s users demand: spot on reviews, promos, the latest news articles, competitions and so much more. The site’s connections to the known social media are an absolute plus and it is inspiring to see the dedication of the people behind the website and they are a pleasure to work with! – Jeroen (Black Hole Recordings)

“The United States Trance Movement is a great website, it looks clean, is informative and they have been super supportive of my music for a while now. It’s such a great way for artists such as myself to get a bit more exposure in the US and on the flipside, it’s a great way for people in the US to be informed about new artists from around the globe. Thank you USTM and keep it up Douglas!”  ( MaRLo)

“USTM is a great webpage and community aimed at representing trance music in the US. The website is easy to navigate and the content is bang on. I regularly visit their site to read interviews and reviews on what’s hot. Doug, and his team are great to work with and have always been supportive of not only mainstream trance, but also new acts and music. I am really looking forward to seeing these guys grow. Keep it up!” – Vocalist Jano (Janette Bishara)

As a small agency with an up and coming roster, we were keen to forge some strong partnerships with like-minded Trance communities all over the world. Douglas at USTM has been no exception and has really helped highlight some of the fantastic work our artists have done to the huge following he has built up. Giving them the opportunity to have informative interviews as well as having well written reviews on their tracks and providing guest mixes has been an invaluable platform to reach a wider audience in the USA.

We’re looking forward to exploring the American market in the forthcoming months and see what else we can both do to benefit each other. – ( Andy Dymond – Artist Manager www.addamanagement.com )

“US Trance Movement is on fire and is growing a lot ” – Jonathan Carvajal

Music is all about passion and USTM have that in abundance. The site is superb and is a fantastic stateside hub for the trance music scene. Thanks for everything guys. We look forward to contnuing to work with you in the future. – Chris Hampshire ( Recoverworld.com )

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