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San Diego Trance Movement
San Diego Trance Movement Website
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There are many Trance Lovers in San Diego, I just know it! Most of the clubs play house on a regular basis here. It’s time we have the music we love played here regularly as well!

Orlando Trance Movement
Website Soon
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Orlando Trance Movement Meetup

We do not understand why there is no local Trance Scene in Orlando, but why when there’s a big name like Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, etc, the venue gets PACKED UP. Why support big names that play trance, but not support or push forward a local trance scene?

I think Trance as a lot to offer, its about great vibes, emotions, euphoria, and basically unity. I dont understand why Trance gets so thrown away and almost despised by many people specially those who are into House, not all, but generally.. lets try and create a Trance Scene Locally, and to support local trance events, the best world DJ’s are Trance DJ’s so lets push it forward!

Seattle Trance Movement
Website Soon
Trance Island
Facebook Group

This is a Group For Trance People in Seattle, but not limited. It is open to all the people who share the passion for Trance and inform them of local Trance events. You can find Trance events on the events tab of this group..
Seattle Trance Movement
Party, DJ’s, Events, Promos, etc!

Miami & SFL Trance Movement
FaceBook Group

To unite trance followers in the Miami and South Florida area, to announce events, networking etc.

New York Trance Movement
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To unite trance followers in the New York Area

Atlanta Trance Movement
Facebook Fan Page
Email: Contact

Our goal is to bring Trance music to the forefront of the United States, especially the Atlanta region. Be a part of the movement today!

Dallas Trance Movement
Facebook Fan Page

Florida Trance Movement
Facebook Fan Page
Website: http://floridatrancemovement.com/


  1. Tampa Bay has a Trance movement too they even have a website you should include it in here. Let keep the trance growing in America, do not support House or Hip Hop..they hate Trance we don’t hate but we shouldn’t support them as well.

  2. ATL has a trance movement too

  3. Check out the DC Trance Movement!! Can this be added please?

  4. Birdmanh04 /

    Lets see this DC Chapter open up, how can we help the cause/volunteer

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